envstore(1) save and restore environment variables


command [args ... ]


can save and restore environment variables, thus transferring them between different shells.

command must be one of

Forget all stored variables
Produce shell code for evaluation, restoring all saved variables
List saved variables in better readable format
save variable [value ]
Save variable either with its current shell value or with value
rm variable
Remove variable from store

Note: Only the first character of command is checked, so e instead of eval c for clear etc., are also valid.

For convenience, the options --version and --help are also supported.


The file in which the environment parameters are stored, /tmp/envstore- EUID by default,


Variable names or values must not contain null bytes or newlines.

Due to limitations imposed by most shells, it is not possible to save parameters containing more than one consecutive whitespace. will save and display them correctly, but unless you do IFS trickery, your shell will not be able to load them.

The current maximum length (in bytes) is 255 bytes for the variable name and 1023 bytes for its content.


was written by An Daniel Friesel Aq [email protected] .

Original idea and script by An Maximilian Gass Aq [email protected] .