erb(1) an embedded Ruby language interpreter


erb1.9.1 [switches] [inputfile]


erb interprets a Ruby code embedded text file. For example, erb enables you to embed a Ruby code to a HTML file. A Ruby block starts with `<%' and ends with `%>'. erb replaces the block with its output. If `<%' is followed by `=', eRuby replaces the block with a value of the block. If `<%' is followed by `#', the block is ignored as a comment.


-x print ruby script
-n print ruby script with line number
-v enables verbose mode
-d set debugging flags (set $DEBUG to true)
-r library load a library
-K kcode specifies KANJI code-set (euc or sjis) or UTF-8 (utf8)
-S safe_level set $SAFE (0..4)
-T trim_mode specify trim_mode (0..2)
-P disregard the lin which starts in "%"


This document stands on eruby(1) which is written by Shugo Maeda <[email protected]>.