euca-install-image(1) Bundle, upload and register an image into the cloud


euca-install-image -n NAME [--description DESCRIPTION] [--max-pending-parts MAX_PENDING_PARTS] [--virtualization-type {paravirtual,hvm}] [--platform windows] [--ec2-url EC2_URL] -i FILE [-p PREFIX] [-d DIR] -r {i386,x86_64,armhf,ppc,ppc64} [-k FILE] [-c FILE] [--ec2cert FILE] [-u ACCOUNT] [--kernel IMAGE] [--ramdisk IMAGE] [-B VIRTUAL1=DEVICE1,VIRTUAL2=DEVICE2,...] [--productcodes CODE1,CODE2,...] [--image-size IMAGE_SIZE] -b BUCKET[/PREFIX] [--acl {public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read}] [--upload-policy POLICY | --upload-policy-file FILE] [--upload-policy-signature SIGNATURE] [--location LOCATION] [--retry] [--progress | --no-progress] [--show-empty-fields] [-U URL] [--region [email protected]] [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--security-token TOKEN] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h]


Bundle, upload and register an image into the cloud

optional arguments:

-n NAME, --name NAME
name of the new image (required)
--description DESCRIPTION
description of the new image
--max-pending-parts MAX_PENDING_PARTS
pause the bundling process when more than this number of parts are waiting to be uploaded (default: 2)
--virtualization-type {paravirtual,hvm}
[Privileged] virtualization type for the new image
--platform windows
[Privileged] the new image's platform (windows)
--ec2-url EC2_URL
compute service endpoint URL
-i FILE, --image FILE
file containing the image to bundle (required)
-p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
the file name prefix to give the bundle's files (required when bundling stdin; otherwise defaults to the image's file name)
-d DIR, --destination DIR
location to place the bundle's files (default: dir named by TMPDIR, TEMP, or TMP environment variables, or otherwise /var/tmp)
-r {i386,x86_64,armhf,ppc,ppc64}, --arch {i386,x86_64,armhf,ppc,ppc64}
the image's architecture (required)
-k FILE, --privatekey FILE
file containing your private key to sign the bundle's manifest with. This private key will also be required to unbundle the image in the future.
-c FILE, --cert FILE
file containing your X.509 certificate
--ec2cert FILE
file containing the cloud's X.509 certificate
your account ID
--kernel IMAGE
ID of the kernel image to associate with this machine image
--ramdisk IMAGE
ID of the ramdisk image to associate with this machine image
block device mapping scheme with which to launch instances of this machine image
--productcodes CODE1,CODE2,...
comma-separated list of product codes for the image
--image-size IMAGE_SIZE
the image's size (required when bundling stdin)
bucket to upload the bundle to (required)
--acl {public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read}
canned ACL policy to apply to the bundle (default: aws-exec-read)
--upload-policy POLICY
upload policy to use for authorization
--upload-policy-file FILE
file containing an upload policy to use for authorization
--upload-policy-signature SIGNATURE
signature for the upload policy (required when an 'upload policy is used)
--location LOCATION
location constraint of the destination bucket (default: inferred from s3-location-constraint in configuration, or otherwise none)
retry failed uploads up to 5 times
show progress (the default when run interactively)
do not show progress (the default when run noninteractively)
show empty values as "(nil)"
-U URL, --url URL
object storage service endpoint URL
--region [email protected]
region and/or user names to search when looking up config file data
-I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID
-S KEY, --secret-key KEY
--security-token TOKEN
show debugging output
launch interactive debugger on error
show the program's version and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit