evaluate-ngram(1) evaluates n-gram language model


evaluate-ngram [Options]


Evaluates the performance of an n-gram language model. It also supports various n-gram language model conversions, including changes in order, vocabulary, and file format.

Filename argument can be an ASCII file, a compressed file (ending in .Z or .gz), or '-' to indicate stdin/stdout.


-h, -help
Print this message.
-verbose <int>
Set verbosity level.
Default: 1
-o, -order <int>
Set the n-gram order of the estimated LM.
Default: 3
-v, -vocab <file>
Fix the vocab to only words from the specified file.
-l, -lm <file>
Load specified LM.
-cl, -compile-lattices <file>
[SLS] Compile lattices into a binary format.
-wb, -write-binary <boolean>
Write LM/counts files in binary format.
Default: false
-wv, -write-vocab <file>
Write LM vocab to file.
-wl, -write-lm <file>
Write ARPA backoff LM to file.
-ep, -eval-perp <files>
Compute test set perplexity.
-ew, -eval-wer <files>
Compute test set lattice word error rate.
-em, -eval-margin <files>
Compute test set lattice margin.