extract_font_range(3) Extracts a range of characters from a font. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

FONT *extract_font_range(FONT *f, int begin, int end)


This function extracts a character range from a font and returns a new font that contains only the range of characters selected by this function. You can pass -1 for either the lower or upper bound if you want to select all characters from the start or to the end of the font. Example:

   FONT *myfont;
   FONT *capitals;
   FONT *fontcopy;
   /* Create a font of only capital letters */
   capitals = extract_font_range(myfont, 'A', 'Z');
   /* Create a copy of the font */
   fontcopy = extract_font_range(myfont, -1, -1);


Returns a pointer to the new font or NULL on error. Remember that you are responsible for destroying the font when you are finished with it to avoid memory leaks.