extsmaild(1) robust sending of e-mail to external commands


extsmaild [-m mode ] [-t ]


extsmaild sends messages spooled by extsmail(1). If called without -m specified, or if -m batch is specified, extsmaild operates in batch mode, running as a foreground process and terminating after trying to send all messages; it returns Er 0 if all messages were sent successfully, or Er 1 if any messages remain unsent.

If called with the -m daemon switch, extsmaild operates as a long running daemon; it monitors the spool directory and when it notices changes to the directory (or a fixed period has elapsed) it tries to send any unsent messages. This means that even on unreliable networks, extsmaild can easily be left alone and relied upon to ultimately send all messages - without manual intervention.

The -t flag can be specified to test the configuration files for extsmaild without running the mail sending process.


An -nosplit extsmaild was written by An Laurence Tratt Aq http://tratt.net/laurie/