ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts(3) Process command-line options for modulemaker


use ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts;
$eumm_package = q{ExtUtils::ModuleMaker};
$eumm_script = q{modulemaker};

$opt = ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts->new(

$mod = ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive->new(


The methods in this package provide processing of command-line options for modulemaker, the command-line utility associated with Perl extension ExtUtils::ModuleMaker, and for similar utilities associated with Perl extensions which subclass ExtUtils::ModuleMaker.



  Usage     : $opt = ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts->new($package,$script) from
              inside a command-line utility such as modulemaker
  Purpose   : Creates an ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts object
  Returns   : An ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Opts object
  Argument  : Two arguments:
              1. String holding 'ExtUtils::ModuleMaker' or a package
              subclassed therefrom, e.g., 'ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::PBP'.
              2. String holding 'modulemaker' or the name of a command-line
                 utility similar to 'modulemaker' and found in the 
                 'scripts/' directory of the distribution named in 
                 argument 1


  Usage     : %standard_options = $opt->get_standard_options from
              inside a command-line utility such as modulemaker
  Purpose   : Provide arguments to ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive::new()
              or to the constructor of the 'Interactive' package of a 
              distribution subclassing ExtUtils::ModuleMaker
  Returns   : A hash suitable for passing to 
              ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive::new() or similar constructor
  Argument  : n/a