fadecut(1) Toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles


fadecut -p <profile> [ OPTIONS ]


fadecut is a script to rip audio files from a livestream (using streamripper) and to process them automatically. Beginning and ending fo the audio files will be cut and faded in/out. So logos and advertising of radio stations will be automatically removed.

In streaming mode fadecut is ripping audio files using streamripper. The downloaded audio files are cutted using silence detection and then faded in and out. Subsequently, the files are encoded to either ogg or mp3 and tagged with tags (title, artist, genre and comment provided).

In file mode fadecut is just processing already ripped audio files.

An audio file which has already been processed is detected and will not be processed again. Not desired songs can be stored in a separate directory. This files are not processed anymore too.


fadecut is working with some standard folders. You may change them in your profile or fadecutrc

done/ here you put all your songs which were already processed by fadecut and which you want to keep. See also new/ folder.

dontlike/ in this folder you may put songs which you don't like. Fadecut is checking this folder before it is processing new files in the working folder. Null size files are ok.

error/ whenever an error occurs while fadecut is processing a file, that file is moved to the error folder for later examining.

incomplete/ this folder is created by streamripper. All not fully ripped songs are saved here.

new/ processed songs are going here. Usually you may rip and process files with fadecut, they are going in to new/ folder, you listen to them and put good songs to the done/ folder.

orig/ if you want to keep the original file (which is ripped by streamripper), you may use the -k option. fadecut is putting the ripped files untouched into that folder.


-c Create a new profile <profilename>

-e Edit an existing profile <profilename>

-i optional input <directory>

-o optional output <directory>

-k optional to keep the untouched original song in the /orig folder

-d Debug: -d 0|1|2|3 (level 0 is standard, -d without number is like 1)

-h Show this message

-p Profile <profilename>

-q Quiet

-r Stream (and rip), start streamripper

-v Verbose




preferred destination fileformat. (ogg/mp3)


Processed files will get the above genre.

COMMENT="Radio Swiss Pop"

Processed files will get the above comment.


cut <n> seconds off the file in the beginning.


cut <n> seconds off the file at the end.


Fade in for <n> seconds.


Fade out for <n> seconds.


Set the user-agent used by streamripper


Create a new ripping profile
fadecut -c test

Edit/update profile test

fadecut -e test

Rip, cut and fade in-/out with profile test

fadecut -p test -r

Only cut and fade in-/out without ripping from livestream

fadecut -p test


The main fadecut configuration file, executed with every start of fadecut
The statistics file
The folder where all profiles are located


fadecut git website