fai-nfsroot2image(8) make a compressed image from the nfsroot


fai-nfsroot2image [options] NFSROOT OUTPUT


Create an image of the nfsroot. Currently, this image can only contain a squashfs file system. You can use this image for booting a FAI client without mounting the FAI nfsroot by NFS. Instead, the client can fetch this image via http and use it as its root file system.


Exclude the base.tar.xz file from the image. Instead You can put this file into the basefiles subdirectory in your config space.
Do not exclude any files from the nfsroot.
Remove the output file if it aready exists.
Show help.


Convert your nfsroot into a squashfs image:

   # fai-nfsroot2image /srv/fai/nfsroot nfsroot.squashfs


You can put the nfsroot.squashfs file on a web server. Then add the following kernel parameter to the pxelinux.cfg file of your FAI install client.


That way, you do not need the parameter nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot any more. For more information on the fetch feature see live-boot(7).

This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). The FAI homepage is http://fai-project.org.


Thomas Lange <[email protected]>