fai-progress(1) show an informative progress bar during FAI operations.


/usr/lib/cdebconf/debconf fai-progress


fai-progress is a script used to display an informative progress bar during installations or softupdates using FAI and a standard cdebconf method.

Use vga=788 as your kernel start parameter and you're getting the GTK backend instead of textual NEWT. You can use dpatch to change the graphical logo to your own one.


FAI_LOG_PATH FAI logfile to monitor for changes
FAI_METHOD Either 'install' or 'update' - this only controls the displayed information
GOSA_SI_SOCKET Path to a named pipe to write the current progress information. It can be used for faimond related processes to update the client installation progress in percent.


This example is from the confdir.default.source hook. It creates a new VT and starts the fai-progress process inside of this VT. It can be stopped by ``echo fai-progress: hangup >> $FAI_LOG_PATH''.

FAI_PROGRESS_VT=$(openvt -v 2>&1 --- sh -c "
        export TERM=linux ;
        export TERM_UTF8=yes ;
        export FAI_LOG_PATH=$LOGDIR/fai.log ;
        export DEBCONF_DEBUGFILE=$LOGDIR/debconf.log ;
        export DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer ;
        export LANG=UTF-8

        if [ -c /dev/fb0 ]; then
                export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=gtk ;
                export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=newt ;
        fi ;
        setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0 ;
        echo -ne "\033%G" ;
        touch -f $FAI_LOG_PATH ;
        /usr/lib/cdebconf/debconf /usr/bin/fai-progress ;

FAI_PROGRESS_VT=${FAI_PROGRESS_VT##* } echo ``${FAI_PROGRESS_VT##/dev/tty}'' > $LOGDIR/fai-progress-vt

chvt ${FAI_PROGRESS_VT##/dev/tty}


In order to display the installation progress correctly, you have to set the MAXPACKAGES FAI variable to a large value - i.e. 10000.