fasta2DB(1) create a Dazzler database from fasta files


fasta2DB [-v] path:db {-ffile | input:fasta ...}


Builds an initial database, or adds to an existing database, the list of .fasta files following the database name argument, or if the -f option is used, the list of .fasta files in file. A given .fasta file can only be added once to the DB (this is checked by the command). The .fasta headers must be in the "Pacbio" format (i.e. the output of the Pacbio tools or our dextract(1) program) and the well, pulse interval, and read quality are extracted from the header and kept with each read record. If the files are being added to an existing database, and the partition settings of the DB have already been set (see DBsplit(1)), then the partitioning of the database is updated to include the new data.