fastx_trimmer(1) FASTA/Q Trimmer


usage: fastx_trimmer [-h] [-f N] [-l N] [-t N] [-m MINLEN] [-z] [-v] [-i INFILE] [-o OUTFILE] Part of FASTX Toolkit 0.0.14 by A. Gordon ([email protected])
= This helpful help screen.
[-f N]
= First base to keep. Default is 1 (=first base).
[-l N]
= Last base to keep. Default is entire read.
[-t N]
= Trim N nucleotides from the end of the read.
can not be used with '-l' and '-f'.
= With [-t], discard reads shorter than MINLEN.
= Compress output with GZIP.
= FASTA/Q input file. default is STDIN.
[-o OUTFILE] = FASTA/Q output file. default is STDOUT.