fatattr(1) Display or change attributes on a FAT filesystem


fatattr [+-rhsvda67] files...


fatattr displays or changes attributes on an MS-DOS FAT filesystem. If only a list of files (or directories) are given, it displays the attributes for those files or directories. If given a list of attributes, it will add (+) or remove (-) the specified attributes from the given list of files or directories.

The attributes are:

File or directory is readonly.
File or directory is hidden.
File or directory is used by the system in a nonstandard way. Standard defragmentation software will avoid this file. Microsoft operating systems will treat any file or directory with the system attribute as hidden, even if the hidden bit is not set.
Entry is a volume label. This bit cannot be changed.
Entry is a directory. This bit cannot be changed.
File has been changed. This bit is set any time a file (but not a directory) is changed, and is typically cleared by backup software.
6, 7
Unused attributes, set to zero when the file is created and otherwise unchanged.


Requires Linux kernel version 2.6.11 or later.


Written by H. Peter Anvin <[email protected]>.


Copyright © 2005 H. Peter Anvin.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.