fbdesk(1) Icons on the desktop


fbdesk [option]


-display DISPLAY
Connect to display.
Do not use antialias features.
Default configuration file to read is ~/.fluxbox/init

Print available options.

Print the version number.


Fbdesk is a fluxbox-util application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop. Features implemented include:

  - Transparent text and icon
  - xpm, png, jpg, jfi, jfif, pnm, ppm, pgm, pbm, pam, tga, gif and bmp image loading
  - Antialias text
  - UTF-8 and multibyte support
  - Vertical text
  - Grid Snapping
  - GUI for editing command/label and add/remove icons
  - Fluxbox menu style




The defaul configuration file is ~/.fluxbox/init whose entries:

    fbdesk.iconFile:  filename to icon file (default: ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons)
    fbdesk.font: icon font name (default: fixed)
    fbdesk.textColor:  color for icon text  (default: black)
    fbdesk.textBackground: color (default: white)
    fbdesk.snapX: x snap size (default: 5)
    fbdesk.snapY: y snap size (default: 5)
    fbdesk.doubleClickInterval: time interval between clicks for a double click (default: 200)
    fbdesk.textPlacement: placement for text around icon image  (default: Bottom)
    fbdesk.lockPositions: bool (default: false)
    # Possible values for text placement: Left, Right, Top and Bottom
    session.styleFile: style file for menu (default: none) this one is read from ~/.fluxbox/init

The Icon file format is:

    # this is a comment
    # Start of one icon entry
    [Deskop Entry]
    Icon=the image filename
    Name=the icon label
    Exec=what it executes
    Pos= 123 456  # position of the icon
    # end of one icon entry

An example of iconfile:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Pos= 100 100


Program author Henrik Kinnunen <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Jari Aalto <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU system (but may be used by others). Released under GPL v2 or any later version.