ffmsindex(1) FFmpegSource2 indexing app




ffmsindex creates an index file for the given INPUTFILE. If not OUTPUFILE is given, INPUTFILE.ffindex is used as output file.

Force overwriting of existing index file, if any (default: no)
Set FFmpeg verbosity level. Can be repeated for more verbosity. (default: no messages printed)
Disable progress reporting. (default: progress reporting on)
Write timecodes for all video tracks to outputfile_track00.tc.txt (default: no)
Write keyframes for all video tracks to outputfile_track00.kf.txt (default: no)
-t N
Set the audio indexing mask to N (-1 means index all tracks, 0 means index none, default: 0)
-d N
Set the audio decoding mask to N (mask syntax same as -t, default: 0)
Set the audio output base filename to NAME (default: input filename)
-s N
Set audio decoding error handling. See the documentation for details. (default: 0)
Force the use of demuxer NAME (default, lavf, matroska, haalimpeg, haaliogg)


This manpage was written by Sebastian Ramacher.