fglrxinfo(1) display info about a GLX extension and OpenGL renderer


fglrxinfo [-x | -n | -t | -v | -o] [-display display]
fglrxinfo [-h | --help]



is a tool similar to glxinfo(1). It lists information about the GLX extension, OpenGL capable visuals, and the OpenGL renderer on an X server. The GLX and renderer info includes the version and extension attributes. The visual info lists the GLX visual attributes available for each OpenGL capable visual (e.g. whether the visual is double buffered, the component sizes, Z-buffering depth, etc).


Without an option, fglrxinfo prints a brief adapter info. To get a more verbose output, you should make use of the following command line options:


Print information about lib strings with extensions.


Print normal information.


Print wide table. By default the visual info is presented in a concise 80 character wide tabular format. Use this option to produce a wider, more readable tabular format for the visual list.


Generate a verbose format output style for the visual list.


Print information on overlays.

-display display

Specify the display to query. Use the DISPLAY environment variable to get the default host, display number and screen.

-h, --help

Print a short summary of options and their usage.



To get the default host, display number and screen.


Set this variable to verbose to print more diagnostic messages, e.g. if the DRI driver fails to load. This could be useful if you observe problems with your 3D acceleration. Any error message printed should be (hopefully) self-explanatory.


Report any issues with the fglrxinfo program to m[blue]http://support.ati.comm[].

We currently know these bugs:

fglrxinfo identifies itself as "fireglinfo".


Daniel Leidert <[email protected]>



Copyright © 2005-2006 Daniel Leidert

See the file /usr/share/doc/fglrx_man/COPYING for license and warranty information.