filelight(1) graphically display disk usage


filelight [ path ]


filelight allows you to understand exactly where your disk space is being used by graphically representing your file system as a set of concentric segmented rings, where each segment subtends an angle proportional to the disk space occupied by that file or directory.

You can specify a directory to scan on startup at the command line eg:

  filelight /home/mxcl
Starting at the root requires a scan of the entire directory tree, which may take a while.

filelight is available in Konqueror under View | View Mode | RadialMap View.


Hover over segments
to find out more about the region of the file system it represents.
Click on directories
to see them in more detail (recenter the display on that directory).
Click on files
to launch in the appropriate viewer (as configured in Konqueror).
Middle click
to open files/directories with Konqueror.
Right click on the center white circle
to manipulate the directory the view is centered about.
Enlarge the window
for more detail - small files are hidden at smaller window sizes.


Please report any bugs using the built-in bug reporter under the "help" menu, or to either [email protected] or the forums at


filelight was written by Max Howell ([email protected]).

This manual page was written by J. R. Van Zandt, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).