Filesys::DiskSpace(3) Perl df


use Filesys::DiskSpace;
($fs_type, $fs_desc, $used, $avail, $fused, $favail) = df $dir;


This routine displays information on a file system such as its type, the amount of disk space occupied, the total disk space and the number of inodes. It tries "syscall(SYS_statfs)" and "syscall(SYS_statvfs)" in several ways. If all fails, it "croak"s.


[number] type of the filesystem.
[string] description of this fs.
[number] size used (in Kb).
[number] size available (in Kb).
[number] free inodes.
[number] inodes used.


See the INSTALL file.


Copyright (c) 1996-1999 Fabien Tassin. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Fabien Tassin <[email protected]>


This module was formerly called File::Df. It has been renamed into Filesys::DiskSpace. It could have be Filesys::Df but unfortunatly another module created in the meantime uses this name.

Tested with Perl 5.003 under these systems :

           - Solaris 2.[4/5]
           - SunOS 4.1.[2/3/4]
           - HP-UX 9.05, 10.[1/20] (see below)
           - OSF1 3.2, 4.0
           - Linux 2.0.*, 2.2.*

Note for HP-UX users :

   if you obtain this message :
   "Undefined subroutine &main::SYS_statfs called at Filesys/
   line XXX" and if you are using a hp9000s700, then edit the file
   (in the Perl lib tree) and copy the line containing "SYS_statfs {196;}"
   outside the "if (defined &__hp9000s800)" block (around line 356).