filter_hssp(1) filters an HSSP file


filter_hssp [OPTION]


filter_hssp is used to filters an HSSP file. Instead of using command line arguments it starts a conversation with the user where the desired function can be invoked by answering questions.

This program is used by the prof(1) secondary structure, accessibility and transmembrane helix predictor from Burkhard Rost.


None. Answer questions printed on STDOUT by typing your choice into STDIN.


Reinhard Schneider Mar, 1990 version 1.0 LION, Heidelberg
Reinhard Schneider Mar, 1997 version 2.0 LION, Heidelberg
Burkhard Rost May, 1998 version 2.1 EMBL/LION, Heidelberg
Burkhard Rost Oct, 1998 version 2.2 EMBL/LION, Heidelberg
Laszlo Kajan <[email protected]> TU Muenchen, Germany
Guy Yachdav <[email protected]> CUBIC (Columbia University, NY, USA), Technical University Munich (Munich, DE), BioSof LLC (USA)