Finance::Quote::IndiaMutual(3) Obtain Indian mutual fund prices from


use Finance::Quote;
$q = Finance::Quote->new;
%stockinfo = $q->fetch("indiamutual", "amfiindia-code"); # Can
failover to other methods
%stockinfo = $q->fetch("amfiindia", "amfiindia-code"); # Use this
module only.
# NOTE: currently no failover methods exist for indiamutual


This module obtains information about Indian Mutual Fund prices from the Association of Mutual Funds India website The information source ``indiamutual'' can be used if the source of prices is irrelevant, and ``amfiindia'' if you specifically want to use information downloaded from


In India, not all funds have an ISIN. However, they do have a scheme code. You can use those if you can't find the ISIN. See AMFI site for details.


Information available from amfiindia may include the following labels:

method link source name currency nav rprice sprice. The link label will be a url location for the NAV list table for all funds.


AMFI provides a link to download a text file containing all the NAVs. This file is mirrored in a local file /tmp/amfinavlist.txt. The local mirror serves only as a cache and can be safely removed.