Finance::Quote::TSX(3) Obtain quotes from the Toronto Stock Exchange.


use Finance::Quote;
$q = Finance::Quote->new;
%stockinfo = $q->fetch("tsx","NT-T"); # Only query TSX.
%stockinfo = $q->fetch("canada","NT"); # Failover to other sources OK.


This module obtains information from the Toronto Stock Exchange through the page

This module is not loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object. It's possible to load it explicity by placing ``TSX'' in the argument list to Finance::Quote->new().

This module provides both the ``tsx'' and ``toronto'' fetch methods. Please use the ``canada'' fetch method if you wish to have failover with other sources for Canadian stocks. Using the ``tsx'' method will guarantee that your information only comes from the Toronto Stock Exchange.


The following labels are returned by Finance::Quote::TSX: name, last, net, p_change, volume and exchange.

This module returns less information (labels) than other sources but it's able to retrieve them faster because each HTTP request performed can return up to 10 stocks. Thus, if the labels provided by this module are sufficient for your application then you should give it a try.