Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Europe(3) Fetch quotes from Yahoo Europe


use Finance::Quote;
$q = Finance::Quote->new;
%info = $q->fetch("europe","UG.PA"); # Failover to other methods ok.
%info = $q->fetch("yahoo_europe","UG.PA"); # Use this module only.


This module fetches information from Yahoo Europe. Symbols should be provided in the format ``SYMBOL.EXCHANGE'', where the exchange code is one of the following:

        PA - Paris
        BC - Barcelona
        BE - Berlin
        BI - Bilbao
        BR - Brussels
        CO - Copenhagen
        D  - Dusseldorf
        F  - Frankfurt
        H  - Hamburg
        HA - Hanover
        L  - London
        MA - Madrid
        MC - Madrid (M.C.)
        MI - Milan
        MU - Munich
        O  - Oslo
        ST - Stockholm
        SG - Stuttgart
        VA - Valence
        VI - Vienna
        DE - Xetra (was FX)

This module provides both the ``europe'' and ``yahoo_europe'' methods. The ``europe'' method should be used if failover methods are desirable. The ``yahoo_europe'' method should be used you desire to only fetch information from Yahoo Europe.

This module is loaded by default by Finance::Quote, but can be loaded explicitly by specifying the parameter ``Yahoo::Europe'' to Finance::Quote->new().

Information obtained by this module may be covered by Yahoo's terms and conditions. See for more details.


Starting in November 2010, the Yahoo site didn't respond to ^DJI symbol retrieval. Use ^DJI.US instead.


This module returns all the standard labels (where available) provided by Yahoo. See Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base for a list of these. The currency label is also returned.

Note however that div_date and ex_div have been removed by yahoo europe site