fit-wcs(1) Fit a transformation from x,y and matching RA,DEC coordinates


fit-wcs [options] -x file -r file
fit-wcs [options] -c file


Given a list of x,y coordinates and matching RA,Dec coordinates, fit a transformation and produce a WCS file


-x file
XYls input file
-X name
X column name (default: FIELD_X)
-Y name
Y column name (default: FIELD_Y)
-r file
RDls input file
-R name
RA column name (default: INDEX_RA)
-D name
Dec column name (default: INDEX_DEC)
-c file
Correspondences file
-o file
WCS output file
-s sip
SIP order (default is a WCS TAN solution, not SIP)
-W width
Image width (default: max X position; used for SIP)
-H height
Image height (default: max Y position; used for SIP)
Set CRPIX to be the center of the field; SIP only


The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and Dustin Lang (CMU).