flow-mask(1) Apply tags to flow files.


flow-mask [-hk] [-b big|little] [-C comment] [-d debug_level] [-m mask_fname] [-M active_def ...]


The flow-mask utility is used to modify the source and destination mask length's in flow records.


-b big|little
Byte order of output.
-C Comment
Add a comment.
-d debug_level
Enable debugging.
Display help.
Keep time from input.
-m mask_fname
Load masks from mask_name. Defaults to /etc/flow-tools/cfg/mask
-M mask_def
Use active_def as the active tag definition(s).

The configuration file is a collection of definitions. A definition lists a sequence of prefixes and the mask length to replace the matching prefix with. Lines begining with # are treated as comments and ignored.

mask-definition command             Description
mask-definition                     Begin mask-definition section
                                    mask-definition foo
prefix                              List the prefix to match on and the
                                    replacement mask.
                                    prefix 128.146/16 24


#file: masks
mask-definition foo
# All networks in 128.146/16 are /24's.
 prefix 128.146/16 24
# except for 128.146.214/24, which are /32's.
 prefix 128.146.214/24 32

flow-cat flows | flow-mask -mfoo -Fmasks | flow-print -f4


  Configuration files:
    Mask - /etc/flow-tools/cfg/mask.cfg.


None known.


Mark Fullmer [email protected]