fosslic(1) Perform a license analyze on or more files.


fosslic fosslic [options] file [file [file...]]


fosslic is a limited command line fossology utility that can be used to perform a fossology license analysis on the specified files. fosslic has a number of limitations similar to the One-Shot user interface function. The limitations are:
  • The analysis is done in real-time. Large files may take a while. This method is not recommended for files larger than a few hundred kilobytes.
  • Files that contain files are not unpacked. If you use a zip or deb file, then the binary file will be scanned for licenses and nothing will likely be found.
  • Prints a simple list that summarizes the identified license types. The One-Shot user interface function will display the same summary or provide a color coded table and a highlighted listing of the licenses found.


Standard help flag, prints usage.
Enable verbose debugging.


Perform an analysis on a filed called somefile.

 $: fosslic /tmp/somefile


 /tmp/somefile: LGPL v2.1 Preamble, LGPL v2.1+


Neal Krawetz