freefare_strerror(3) mifare_desfire_last_picc_error

Other Alias

freefare_strerror_r, freefare_perror


Mifare card manipulation library (libfreefare, -lfreefare)


In freefare.h Ft const char * Fn freefare_strerror MifareTag tag Ft int Fn freefare_strerror_r MifareTag tag char *buffer size_t len Ft void Fn freefare_strerror MifareTag tag char *string Ft uint8_t Fn mifare_desfire_last_pcd_error MifareTag tag Ft uint8_t Fn mifare_desfire_last_picc_error MifareTag tag


The Fn freefare_strerror functions returns the error string corresponding to the last PCD or PICC error encounred using Vt tag .

The Fn freefare_strerror_r functions does the same as Fn freefare_strerror but the error message is copied into Vt buffer for a maximum size of Vt len chars.

The Fn freefare_strerror function displays the last PCD or PICC error encounred using Vt tag to stderr.

The Fn mifare_desfire_last_pcd_error function returns the error code of the last function call from the library.

The Fn mifare_desfire_last_picc_error function returns the error code returned by the last command run on Vt tag .


Fn freefare_strerror returns the error message, Fn freefare_strerror_r returns 0 on success, -1 on failure; Fn mifare_desfire_last_pcd_error and Fn mifare_desfire_last_picc_error return an error code or 0 if no error occured or if Vt tag is not a Mifare DESFire target.


An Romain Tartiere Aq [email protected]