freefoam-splitCells(1) Utility to split cells with flat faces.


freefoam splitCells <edge angle [0..360]> [-geometry] [-tol <tolerance>] [-srcDoc] [-doc] [-overwrite] [-help] [-set <cellSet name>] [-case <dir>]


Uses a geometric cut with a plane dividing the edge angle into two so might produce funny cells. For hexes it will use by default a cut from edge onto opposite edge (i.e. purely topological).

Options: - split cells from cellSet only - use geometric cut for hexes as well

The angle is the angle between two faces sharing an edge as seen from inside each cell. So a cube will have all angles 90. If you want to split cells with cell centre outside use e.g. angle 200


<edge angle [0..360]>

TODO Detailed description of argument.


Geometry based splitting for hex cells.

-tol <tolerance>

Edge snap tolerance.

-set <cellSet name>

Cell set to split.


Overwrite existing data.

-case <dir>

Case directory.


Display help message.


Display Doxygen API documentation page for this application.


Display Doxygen source documentation page for this application.


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Part of the freefoam(1) suite.


• Copyright © 2008-2012 Michael Wild.

• Copyright © 1991-2010 OpenCFD Ltd.