freefoam-stitchMesh(1) 'Stitches' a mesh.


freefoam stitchMesh <masterPatch> <slavePatch> [-perfect] [-partial] [-srcDoc] [-doc] [-overwrite] [-help] [-case <dir>]


Takes a mesh and two patches and merges the faces on the two patches (if geometrically possible) so the faces become internal.

Can do - perfect match: faces and points on patches align exactly. Order might be different though. - integral match: where the surfaces on both patches exactly match but the individual faces not - partial match: where the non-overlapping part of the surface remains in the respective patch.



TODO Detailed description of argument.


TODO Detailed description of argument.


The patches, vertices and face centres are perfectly aligned.


The surface overlap only partialy.


Overwrite existing data.

-case <dir>

Case directory.


Display help message.


Display Doxygen API documentation page for this application.


Display Doxygen source documentation page for this application.


Is just a front-end to perfectInterface/slidingInterface.

Comparable to running a meshModifier of the form (if masterPatch is called "M" and slavePatch "S"):

couple { type slidingInterface; masterFaceZoneName MSMasterZone slaveFaceZoneName MSSlaveZone cutPointZoneName MSCutPointZone cutFaceZoneName MSCutFaceZone masterPatchName M; slavePatchName S; typeOfMatch partial or integral }


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Part of the freefoam(1) suite.


• Copyright © 2008-2012 Michael Wild.

• Copyright © 1991-2010 OpenCFD Ltd.