FreeHDL-GENNODES(1) Abstract syntax tree generator used by the VHDL compiler/simulator FreeHDL.


freehdl-gennodes CMD CHUNK IN-FILE OUT-FILE


FreeHDL-GENNODES is an extensible framework for representing an abstract syntax tree. The program reads the IN-FILE and generates output for CHUNK in OUT-FILE, according to CMD.

When CMD is `header', FreeHDL-GENNODES writes a header file to OUT-FILE that should be included by the users of the CHUNK. When it is `impl', it writes the implementation of CHUNK.


The latest version of FreeHDL can always be obtained from


Known bugs are documented within the BUGS file. If your report addresses a parser related topic then contact Marius Vollmer <[email protected]>. If it is related to the code generator or compiler then send an email to Edwin Naroska <[email protected]>. If your are not sure send it to Edwin. He will take care of forwarding your report to the appropriate recipient.


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Written by Marius Vollmer <[email protected]> and Edwin Naroska <[email protected]>.