freespeak(1) GNOME frontend to online translator engines.


freespeak [--version] [-h, --help]


With FreeSpeak you can translate text and web pages using online translation engines.

To perform a translation select your translator of choice. Then you select the languages through which you wish to translate your data. Finally press the "Translate" button.

You can translate both text and web pages. Some translators don't support both modes so it may happen that your preferred translator is not present in the drop down list.

You can tune all FreeSpeak settings in the preferences dialog.

Copy to clipboard
Copy the translated data to the clipboard once the translation is complete.
Paste from clipboard
Paste data to be translated, from the clipboard to the GUI. This only happens when you open a new translation. If you are trying to perform a web page translation and the clipboard is not holding a valid URL, FreeSpeak is not going to paste it in the URL entry.
Default translator
The translator to use every time you open a new translation. It will be set in the drop down list only if the translation mode you requested is supported by the translator you chose.
Key bindings
Set several desktop-wide key bindings for doing quick translation operations.


Display version number with copyright and exit.
-h, --help
Show help message.


This manual page was written by Luca Bruno [email protected]


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