fribidi_log2vis(3) get visual string


#include <fribidi.h>

FriBidiLevel fribidi_log2vis
       const FriBidiChar *str,

       const FriBidiStrIndex len,

       FriBidiParType *pbase_dir,

       FriBidiChar *visual_str,

       FriBidiStrIndex *positions_L_to_V,

       FriBidiStrIndex *positions_V_to_L,

       FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels



const FriBidiChar *str
Input logical string.
const FriBidiStrIndex len
Input string length.
FriBidiParType *pbase_dir
Requested and resolved paragraph base direction.

Possible values for a FriBidiParType are as follows:

Left-To-Right paragraph.
Right-To-Left paragraph.
DirectiOn-Neutral paragraph.
Weak Left To Right paragraph.
Weak Right To Left paragraph.
FriBidiChar *visual_str
Output visual string.
FriBidiStrIndex *positions_L_to_V
Output mapping from logical to visual string positions.
FriBidiStrIndex *positions_V_to_L
Output mapping from visual string back to the logical string positions.
FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels
Output list of embedding levels.


This function converts the logical input string to the visual output strings as specified by the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. As a side effect it also generates mapping lists between the two strings, and the list of embedding levels as defined by the algorithm.

If NULL is passed as any of the the lists, the list is ignored and not filled.

This function is obsolete because it only handles one-line paragraphs. Please consider using other functions instead. Deprecated.


Maximum level found plus one, or zero if any error occured (memory allocation failure most probably).