Frontier::Daemon(3) receive Frontier XML RPC requests


use Frontier::Daemon;
Frontier::Daemon->new(methods => {
'rpcName' => \&sub_name,


Frontier::Daemon is an HTTP/1.1 server that listens on a socket for incoming requests containing Frontier XML RPC2 method calls. Frontier::Daemon is a subclass of HTTP::Daemon, which is a subclass of IO::Socket::INET.

Frontier::Daemon takes a `"methods"' parameter, a hash that maps an incoming RPC method name to reference to a subroutine.

Frontier::Daemon takes a `"use_objects"' parameter that if set to a non-zero value will convert incoming <int>, <i4>, <float>, and <string> values to objects instead of scalars. See int(), float(), and string() in Frontier::RPC2 for more details.


Ken MacLeod <[email protected]>