fs_messages(1) Sets whether the Cache Manager writes log messages


fs messages [-show (user|console|all|none)] [-help]

fs me [-s (user|console|all|none)] [-h]


The fs messages command controls whether the Cache Manager displays status and warning messages on user screens, the client machine console, on both, or on neither.

There are two types of Cache Manager messages:

  • User messages provide user-level status and warning information, and the Cache Manager directs them to user screens.
  • Console messages provide system-level status and warning information, and the Cache Manager directs them to the client machine's designated console.

Disabling messaging completely is not recommended, because the messages provide useful status and warning information.


-show (user|console|all|none)
Specifies the types of messages to display. Choose one of the following values:
Send user messages to user screens.
Send console messages to the console.
Send user messages to user screens and console messages to the console (the default if the -show argument is omitted).
Do not send any messages to user screens or the console.
Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The following command instructs the Cache Manager to display both types of messages:

   % fs messages -show all


The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.


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