fstprint(1) print an FST in simple text format


fstprint [OPTIONS] [binary.fst [text.fst]]


Prints out binary FSTs in simple text format.


Boolean options accept either true or false as a value, or the implicit value true if neither value is specified.

Input in acceptor format. Default: false.
Allow negative labels (not recommended; may cause conflicts). Default: false.
Write FST data aligned where appropriate. Default: false.
Require symbol tables to match when appropriate. Default: true.
Enable garbage collection of cache. Default: true.
Set the cache byte size that triggers garbage collection. Default: 1048576.
If true, FST errors are fatal. Otherwise, returned objects are flagged as bad. For example, FSTs are returned with the kError property set to true, and FST weights set so that Member() returns false. Default: true.
Set the characters used as a separator between printed fields. Default: "        ".
Set the default file reading mode for mappable files, either "read" or "map". Default: "read".
Verify fst properties queried by TestProperties. Default: false.
Set the characters enclosing the first weight of a printed composite weight (e.g., pair weight, tuple weight, and derived classes) to ensure proper I/O of nested composite weights. Must have size 0 (none) or 2 (open and close parenthesis). Default: no parentheses.
Set the character separator between printed composite weights. Default: comma.
Show usage information. Default: false.
Show brief usage information. Default: false.
Set the input label symbol table. Default: "".
Symbol to print when lookup fails. Default: raise an error.
Print numeric labels. Default: false.
Set the output label symbol table. Default: "".
Save the input symbol table to a file. Default: do not write a table.
Save the output symbol table to a file. Default: do not write a table.
Save input relabel pairs to file. Default: do not save.
Save output relabel pairs to file. Default: do not save.
Print/draw arc weights and final weights equal to semiring One. Default: false.
Set the state label symbol table. Default: "".
Set the temporary directory to use. Default: /tmp.
Set the verbosity level. Default: 0.