ftgrid(1) simple glyph grid viewer


ftgrid [options] pt font ...


ftgrid displays the glyphs of a font as outlines right before the conversion from outlines to pixels take place. It is possible to interactively change hinting and rendering options, thus visualizing the applied distortions to the outlines.
The point size for the given resolution. If resolution is 72dpi, this directly gives the ppem value (pixels per EM).
The font file(s) to display. For Type 1 font files, ftgrid also tries to attach the corresponding metrics file (with extension `.afm' or `.pfm').

This program is part of the FreeType demos package.


-w w
Set the window width to w pixels (default: 640px).
-h h
Set the window height to h pixels (default: 480px).
-r r
Use resolution r dpi (default: 72dpi).
-f index
Specify first index to display (default: 0).
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