funnel(1) split one pipe stream to one or more files or programs


funnel [|] [>[>]file] [|process]


The funnel program will read data from standard input and write it to several output streams.

The | symbol means to copy standard input to standard output.

The > symbol means that a file name immediately follows with no separating spaces, the file will be truncated if it exists or created if it doesn't. The >> means that the file is to be appended to if it exists.

A | symbol followed immediately by text indicates a command that is to be run by system() and will have all input piped to it.


0 No errors

1 Error opening input

Other errors are 100 + number of commands or files that fail


This program, its manual page, and the Debian package were written by Russell Coker <[email protected]>.


Uses popen (3) for output so that shell expansion gets performed. If you want such shell expansion then you must ensure that you quote the parameters correctly so that they get expanded by popen (3) not the shell that calls funnel.