fuse2fs(1) FUSE file system client for ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems


fuse2fs [ device/image ] [ mountpoint ] [ options ]


fuse2fs is a FUSE file system client that supports reading and writing from devices or image files containing ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems.


general options:

-o opt,[opt...]
mount options
-h --help
print help
-V --version
print version

fuse2fs options:

-o ro
read-only mount
-o errors=panic
dump core on error
-o minixdf
minix-style df
-o no_default_opts
do not include default fuse options
-o fuse2fs_debug
enable fuse2fs debugging

FUSE options:

-d -o debug
enable debug output (implies -f)
foreground operation
disable multi-threaded operation

For other FUSE options please see mount.fuse(8) or see the output of fuse2fs --helpfull


fuse2fs is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net.