fusedav(1) mount WebDAV shares


fusedav [-hDL]
        [-t secs]
        [-u username] [-p password]
        [-o options]
        URL mountpoint


fusedav is a userspace filesystem driver that allows you to mount WebDAV shares. This way you can transparently edit and manage files on a remote server. As long as the fusedav process is running, the WebDAV share located at URL is accessible under mountpoint.

If username and password are required and you did not specify them on the command line you will be prompted as soon as you are trying to access the mounted share.


Show summary of options.
Enable debug mode.
Lock the repository during mount. (Not properly supported on all servers, hence not enabled by default.)
-t secs
Set lock timeout to secs seconds.
-u username
Use username for authentication if required.
-p password
Use password for authentication if required.
-o options
Pass options as additional mount options to FUSE.
Location of the WebDAV share.
Local mountpoint of the WebDAV share.


fusedav was written by Lennart Poettering <mzshfrqni (at) 0pointer (dot) de>.

This manual page was written by Sebastian Harl <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).