FusionInventory::Agent::RPC(3) the RPC interface


FusionInventory Agent can listen on the network through an embedded HTTP server. This server can only be used to wakeup the agent of download OcsDeploy cached files. The server uses port 62354.

Every time the agent contact the server, it pushs a token, this token will be needed to identify the server who want to awake an agent.

Once an agent is awake, its agent will contact the server as usual to know the jobs it need to do.


In this example, we want to wakeup machine ``aMachine'':

use LWP::Simple;
my $machine = "aMachine";
my $token = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa";
if (!get("http://$machine:62354/now/$token")) {
print "Failed to wakeup $machine\n";