g15mpd(1) A simple frontend for the MPD Media Player Daemon, for use with g15daemon


This package provides a fontend for MPD Media Player Daemon, displaying information on the LCD in G15 keyboard/


g15mpd understands the following options:

-h Show usage information.

-q Use volume control to scroll through the playlist.

-v     Show program version.


Features: - Artist/Title Info is displayed
- Track time elapsed/total time is displayed, with a completion bar.
- Random and Repeat modes are available.
- Multimedia keys are usable when run from X.


- Requires MPD to be running in the background.
- In order for multimedia keys to function, the frontend must be run from X11, either in a console, or at X login.
- Requires that X11 has been configured to understand the mediakeys, either via the g15daemon xmodmap file, or a similar keyboard being selected in X configuration.
- Currently, playlist management is not available, so another mpd frontend will be required to create


Mike Lampard