gate2(1) generate Ada applications from a GLADE XML file


gate2 file


gate2 is the static version of the program transforming a file produced by glade-2(1), the Gtk GUI builder, into an Ada program. It will generate a set of Ada files that, when compiled, will recreate the interface you just designed in glade-2(1). The most important file created by gate2 is called callback_<project_name>.adb and contains stubs for all the callbacks you declared in Glade.

Note that you can easily go back to glade-2 any time, modify your interface, and have gate2 regenerate a set of files. All your modifications will be kept in the new files. For that, gate2 creates a directory .gate2 in the current directory. Please do not delete it if you want gate2 to be able to keep your changes from one version to the next. Also note that to be able to keep track of your modifications, gate2 relies on patch and diff being available on your system. If you don't have a working set of diff/patch, configure will simply replace them by null operations.


This man page has been written by Samuel Tardieu for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, from informations given by the GtkAda authors Emmanuel Briot, Joel Brobecker and Arnaud Charlet.

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