gcb(1) calculate long and short path to a location


gcb units station1 station2


Gcb computes long/short path distance and heading given the latitude and longitude (degrees and minutes). You must input the lat/long of the two stations. The output will then be relative from station1 to station2.

Input the two station lat/longs using the following format: ddd.mmHddd.mmG, lead/lagging zeros can be left out.

d = Degrees, m = Minutes, H = Hemisphere (N or S), G = Greenwich (W or E)

Units is 'n' for Nautical, 'k' for kilometers, and 's' for Statute.


gcb n 35.19n97.27w 0s0e (Moore to Prime/Equator)

gcb n 35.19N97.27W 38.51n77.02W (Moore to Washington D.C., mixed case)

gcb n 33.56n118.24w 55.45n37.35e (L.A. to Moscow)

gcb n 35N70W 35N71W              (No decimal points used, all uppercase)


This manual page was written by Joop Stakenborg <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.