gcpUnpackHSVPixels(3) Convert from gcp_pixel(s) to gcp_*colors(s)

Other Alias

gcpUnmapRGBAPixel, gcpUnpackRGBAPixels, gcpUnmapYUVPixel, gcpUnpackYUVPixels, gcpUnmapCMYKPixel, gcpUnpackCMYKPixels, gcpUnmapHSVPixel, gcpUnmapYCCPixel, gcpUnpackYCCPixels


#include <ggi/gcp.h>
int gcpUnmapRGBAPixel(ggi_visual_t vis,
gcp_pixel pixel,gcp_RGBAcolor *col);
int gcpUnpackRGBAPixels(ggi_visual_t vis,
void *buf,gcp_RGBAcolor *cols,int len);
int gcpUnmapYUVPixel(ggi_visual_t vis,
gcp_pixel pixel, gcp_YUVcolor *col);
int gcpUnpackYUVPixels(ggi_visual_t vis,
void *buf,gcp_YUVcolor *cols,int len);
int gcpUnmapCMYKPixel(ggi_visual_t vis,
gcp_pixel pixel, gcp_CMYKcolor *col);
int gcpUnpackCMYKPixels(ggi_visual_t vis,
void *buf,gcp_CMYKcolor *cols,int len);
int gcpUnmapHSVPixel(ggi_visual_t vis,
gcp_pixel pixel, gcp_HSVcolor *col);
int gcpUnpackHSVPixels(ggi_visual_t vis,
void *buf,gcp_HSVcolor *cols,int len);
int gcpUnmapYCCPixel(ggi_visual_t vis,
gcp_pixel pixel, gcp_YCCcolor *col);
int gcpUnpackYCCPixels(ggi_visual_t vis,
void *buf,gcp_YCCcolor *cols,int len);


gcpUnmap*Pixel gets the color associated with the given pixelvalue.

gcpUnpack*Pixels converts the pixelvalues in buf to individual elements of cols. This function may be used to convert buffers output by the ggiGet{HLine,VLine,Box} functions from the pixelvalue representation to their actual colors as defined by gcp_color(3).

Try to cache the results of color lookups in your application for efficiency purposes.


gcpUnmap*Pixel and gcpUnpack*Pixels return 0 for OK, otherwise an ggi-error(3) code.