gd_error_count(3) report the number of errors encountered by the GetData


#inlcude <getdata.h>
int gd_error_count(DIRFILE *dirfile);


The first time gd_error_count() is called with the DIRFILE object dirfile, it returns the number of errors encountered by the GetData library while operating on dirfile since its creation. Calling this function resets the internal count, so that subsequent calls to gd_error_count() return the number of errors encountered only since the previous call to this function, for the specified DIRFILE.

The errors themselves are not cached by the library. The error status of the last library call on dirfile (which might be GD_E_OK, indicating no error) can be obtained by calling gd_error(3).


The gd_error_count() function always returns the number of GetData errors encountered since the last time it was called, or since the dirfile was created. This will be zero, if no error has occurred over the given time.