gdlpp(1) GDL (Graphite Description Language) preprocessor


gdlpp [options] [infile [outfile] ]


No machine specific built-in symbols
Output any parentheses, brace or bracket unbalance
Write source file comments to output
Define a symbol with the given (optional) value "symbol[=value]"
Display all specified options
Ignore non-fatal errors
Output all included file names on stderr
Output all defined functions' names on stderr
Output all whitespaces from the source file
Output this help text
Add directory to the #include search list
Allow nested comments
Enable warnings for nested comments
Don't output #line instructions
Don't output the 'line' keyword in "#line" instructions
Don't warn for missing include files
Don't predefine target-specific names
Toggle prefs usage
Don't recognize C++ comment style
Enable warnings on non ANSI preprocessor instructions
Ignore but visualize undefined flags
Ignore all undefined flags
Evaluate the right part first in symbol concatenations
Include the following string at the top of each function
Specify sizes for #if sizeof
This function should not get an initial function
Undefine symbol
Output version information
Output all #defines
Web mode preprocessing
Only output #defines
Include file