gem1.9.1(1) the front end to RubyGems


gem1.9.1 command [arguments...] [options...]
gem1.9.1 -h | --help
gem1.9.1 -v | --version


gem1.9.1 is the front end to RubyGems, a sophisticated package manager for Ruby. This is a basic help message containing pointers to more information.

Further help:

gem1.9.1 help commands
list all 'gem1.9.1' commands
gem1.9.1 help examples
show some examples of usage
gem1.9.1 help <COMMAND>
show help on COMMAND
(e.g. 'gem1.9.1 help install')

Further information:


gem1.9.1 install rake
gem1.9.1 list --local
gem1.9.1 build package.gemspec
gem1.9.1 help install