gem2deb-test-runner(1) runs test suite contained in Debian Ruby packages


gem2deb-test-runner [OPTIONS]


gem2deb-test-runner runs the tests shipped inside a source Debian Ruby package. The way the tests are run is configured in one of the three files: debian/ruby-test-files.yaml, debian/ruby-tests.rake, debian/ruby-tests.rb. See the FILES section in dh_ruby(1) for details.

If called without argument in the root of the source package after the package is built and installed under debian/package_name, then the tests will be run using the files of the package installed under debian/package_name. This call is part of the dh_ruby(1) sequence when building a Ruby package with gem2deb.

If the option --autopkgtest is used, the package needs to be installed on the system. gem2deb-test-runner will not try to load files under debian/ and will move away temporarily the lib/ and ext/ directory to ensure the test suite is run against the installed package. This is used in the context of automatic as-installed package testing, through the autopkgtest framework.


Run the tests against the installed package for automatic as-installed package testing. Useful in conjunction with adt-run(1).
-c, --check-dependencies
Before running the tests, checks whether all dependencies of the package, as declared in the Rubygems metadata, are present. Makes the program exit with a non-zero status code (i.e. fails) if they aren't.

If you want to check dependencies during the build, you can add something like this to debian/rules:

-d, --check-dependencies-only
Exit after checking dependencies, i.e. only check dependencies, and don't run any tests. Implies --check-dependencies.

export GEM2DEB_TEST_RUNNER = --check-dependencies


Used to pass options to gem2deb-test-runner via the environment.