genclock(1) generate a RADIANCE description of a clock


genclock [ -f face_mat ][ -c case_mat ][ -n name ] { HH:MM | hours }


Genclock produces a RADIANCE scene description of an analog clock showing the given hour. The hour may either be given as HH:MM or decimal hours.

The face of the clock will have a radius of 1.0 units, with the surrounding case 1.1 (2.2 diameter). The origin is at the center of the back, and the face looks in the positive X-direction. The 12 o'clock direction corresponds to the positive Z-axis. (The Y-axis direction is 3 o'clock.)  The xform(1) command may be used to resize and relocate the clock as desired.

Normally, genclock produces all of the materials necessary for its own description, but options are provided to specify alternate materials for the face and case. The numbers on the face are in dark lettering, so the face material must be relatively light for them to show up well. By default, the clock is given the name "clock," but this may be changed with the -n option.


To produce a 12 inch diameter clock showing 10:35 and hang it at 60 on a wall facing the Y-direction at Y=10:
genclock 10:35 | xform -s 6 -rz 90 -t 20 10 60


Greg Ward