genome(1) bioinformatics tools for genomics


# get a top-level list
# see the MuSiC tools
genome music
# run the MuSiC smg-test tool (for example)
genome music smg-test


The genome command gives command-line access to any of the genome modeling tools which are installed on the current system.

Each installed tool group is a sub-command.

Just type genome and press <ENTER> for a the top-level list and drill down.


Installing any new Perl module with a name starting with Genome::Model::Tools will add to the tree.


 This software is developed by the analysis and engineering teams at 
 The Genome Center at Washington Univiersity in St. Louis, with funding from 
 the National Human Genome Research Institute.  Richard K. Wilson, P.I.
 Scott Abbott
 Travis Abbott
 Edward Belter
 Paul Bender
 Anthony Brummett
 Todd C. Carter
 Matthew Callaway
 C.J. Carey
 Lynn Carmichael
 Ken Chen
 Eric Clark
 Kevin Crouse
 Indraniel Das
 Nathan Dees
 Eric deMello
 Brian Derickson
 Alice Diec
 David Dooling
 Feiyu Du
 Adam Dukes
 James Eldred
 Xian Fan
 Ian Ferguson
 Chris Harris
 Amy Hawkins
 Todd Hepler
 Xin Hong
 Shunfang Hou
 Jasreet Hundal
 Erik Hvatum
 Mark Johnson
 Krisha-Latha Kanchi
 Cyriac Kandoth
 Phil Kimmey
 Michael Kiwala
 Daniel Koboldt
 Karthik Kota
 Kim Kyung
 David Larson
 Sai Lek
 Shawn Leonard
 Shin Leong
 Ling Lin
 Justin Lolofie
 Robert Long
 Charles Lu
 John Martin
 Josh McMichael
 Rick Meyer
 Thomas Mooney
 William Nash
 Nathan Nutter
 Ben Oberkfell
 John Osborne
 Josh Peck
 Jerome Peirick
 Craig Pohl
 Ryan Richt
 Noorus Sahar Abubucker
 Gabriel Sanderson
 William Schierding
 Jon Schindler
 William Schroeder
 Christopher Schuster
 Xiaoqi Shi
 Scott Smith
 Sasi Suruliraj
 Kenneth Swanson
 Jason Walker
 John Wallis
 Jim Weible
 Mike Wendl
 Todd Wylie


Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Washington University in St. Louis.

It is released under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) version 3. See the associated LICENSE file in this distribution.


For defects with any software in the genome namespace, contact genome-dev ~at~