genreport(8) Generate the Usage Report


torrus genreport --report=ReportName --date=YYYY-MM-DD [options...] torrus genreport --genhtml [options...]


When the Torrus Reporting engine is set up, this command is used to generate the reports from the collected data. See Torrus Reporting Setup Guide for more information.


The name of the report that is to be generated. Currently supported: "MonthlyUsage".
Specifies the start date of the reported period. For the monthly report, this should be any day within the calendar month.
Specifies the start time of the reported period. This option is ignored for the monthly reports.
Instructs the report engine to build the HTML output from the generated reports.
When used with "--genhtml", generates the HTML reports only for the specified tree.
When used with "--genhtml", generates the HTML reports only for all available service IDs in the specified tree.
Prints extra informatgion.
Prints debugging information.


See more documentation at Torrus home page:


Stanislav Sinyagin <[email protected]>